Our Story


To creatively design for customers in and around Zimbabwe using high quality durable materials and skilled, efficient and artistic workforce


To be leaders in joinery, stone art in Zimbabwe and across borders by creatively utilising timber and granite to bring outstanding fittings


Quality and workmanship ; Professionalism ; Reliability ; Efficiency ; Integrity ; Teamwork ; Excellency

Top Granite Kitchens a wholly owned Zimbabwean company offers you a
new, easy and affordable solution for kitchen cupboards, built-in cupboards
and storage cabinets for your home or office. For aesthetic, quality and value
visit us and purchase your built in cupboards, be it fitted kitchens, built in
Wardrobes, Vanity Units, Granite Staircases and various granite works.
Top Granite Kitchens was created to play its part in fulfilling the ever growing
demand for custom made built in cupboards and granite works. The company
was formed to allow Zimbabweans and beyond access to affordable and
quality built in cupboards solutions. It is our endeavor to be the go-to
company for B.I.C products and granite works


We have our on-site team that can ensure your kitchen is
properly surveyed and provide advice with regard to any
electrical, plumbing or any sure that once the kitchen is made it
will fit into the assigned space. Our experienced and
professional installation team will also coordinate the timing
with the other suppliers for accessories and appliances, as well
as plumbers and electricians and other site teams, so that
everything can be finished on schedule.

What We Offer


Incorporates all fitted furniture,fitted cupboards and appliances into the layout of kitchen.These cabinets are typically constructed from wood although we use laminated or other material with the additional of latest hardware and customize counter tops


Is a standing closet cabinet used to store clothes.The name built in cupboards is a name we give to a room in which the space will be fitted with cupboards and locks.


Is a bathroom set which consist of hand washing basin on a flat customized worktop and we creates storage cupboards beneath.


Is versatile stone that it is the preferred material for use in the modern homes. it comes in range of sizes 20mm,30mm 50mm and 100mm.