We have professional designers and architects who will advise and guide you through, to design your dream BIC, tailor made for your needs, preferences and lifestyle. Matching your home/office in the most complimentary and enhancing way. We are able to show and explain to you all the different options of fittings, finishes and surfaces in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Our design and service centre team of professional designers is at your disposal 7 days a week. With our 3-D design and planning software, we will provide you with photo-realistic visualizations of any angle of your dream B.I.C and granite works in moments. This gives you a unique opportunity to basically create the kitchen yourself. Their supply will be coordinated to arrive on time and be installed together with the kitchen.

Project Management

Our project management services provides clients with a one stop shop where we can work with you to design, build and manage complex projects for you. We will handle your full project so as to manage the design and layout of your space, logistics and installation of your BIC.

Custom Made Built In Cupboards

Our passion is to build and deliver customised traditional or modern and contemporary BIC that leaves all our clients inspired.

We provide after sales service for the future modifications, additional Installations or problems encountered after installation, will also be handled by the same experienced team to guarantee quality of workmanship

Competitive Pricing

Best quality with flexible cost options tailored to the customer’s budgetary needs
without compromising on overall design message.

Exemplary Customer Service

At Top Granite Kitchens the customer is not just King- the customer is family. We have flexible and customised price options and a working culture that understands and balances your needs and wants as a customer. For us, the design process does not end when we walk away but actively continues with consultations and pro-active feedback to ensure the quality remains once the work is complete.

Strategic Partnerships

Our Mission goes beyond the built in cupboards and granite works business. It also entails a continuous working partnership between customers of all scales and sectors, governments, suppliers and multi-national corporations for increased value adding service delivery

What We Offer


Incorporates all fitted furniture,fitted cupboards and appliances into the layout of kitchen.These cabinets are typically constructed from wood although we use laminated or other material with the additional of latest hardware and customize counter tops


Is a standing closet cabinet used to store clothes.The name built in cupboards is a name we give to a room in which the space will be fitted with cupboards and locks


Is a bathroom set which consist of hand washing basin on a flat customized worktop and we creates storage cupboards beneath.


The best things in life are bespoke . Get  custom designed tombstones that perfectly align with how you want your dearly departed to be remembered


The high-quality materials, skills and experience necessary to complete any granite fireplace installation to your exact specifications